Don’t Miss Today Waiting for Tomorrow

09 Jan

Have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” It means don’t miss out on the here and now. It means don’t take things for granted or treat something holy as common. Don’t miss today’s miracle waiting on tomorrow’s. Did you know there is a time when we stop living out of our imagination and start living out of our memory? When this happens we can and will never go anywhere than where we have already been. We must be careful to not allow ourselves to live out of what has happened and continue to live out of what could happen.

Mark Batterson in his book The Circle Maker says, “Imagination is he road less taken, but it is the pathway of prayer.” The bigger our imaginations are the harder we will pray. “When imagination is sacrificed on the altar of logic, God is robbed of glory that rightfully belongs to him.” God isn’t worried about how big we can dream. God is honored when we dare to dream God-sized impossible dreams. In the middle of all of this we must be careful not to miss today’s miracle looking for tomorrow’s miracle.

Take our story here at City on a Hill Church. Our first miracle was Native Sun warehouse. We needed a place to have our Launch Team meetings. Josh Chewning and I were meeting and I was sharing my dream of City on a Hill Church with him. We went and spoke to his father in law and mother in law and within a few hours City on a Hill Church had of first home and miracle, the Native Sun warehouse. While that was happening God was at work behind the scenes preparing Brad and Leisa Rice’s hearts and the Willis Johns Recreation Center. We met at Native Sun for two weeks and then we moved into this 11,000 square foot miracle right in the center of the city.

I drive by The Willis Johns Recreation Center daily rejoicing and praising God remembering the day Brad called out my name and we talked then Leisa called me at 9 pm that night asking to meet. We met the next day and our second miracle happened. Not only did we have a place to meet but we were blessed to add Brad and Leisa to our church family two miracles inside this miracle. Don’t miss that. Brad is here every single Sunday partnering with our Facilities Team to transform this place into a house of worship. Leisa has recorded our church history on film picture by picture miracle by miracle. Don’t miss today’s miracle looking for tomorrow’s.

With that being said I know that God is preparing a permanent home for us somewhere in this city. I’m not looking past this miracle every week I rejoice for the Willis Johns Recreation Center I call it our 11,000 square foot miracle. However, I know and it has been prophesied, dreamed, and envisioned to me that someone is going to give or purchase a debt free building for us one day. I have been praying circles around this all the while rejoicing in this miracle. I PREJOICE in the miracle to come knowing God didn’t just give me this vision and dream but it has come to me multiple times by multiple people. Willis Johns is God’s Tabernacle and miracle to come will be God’s Temple. Who knows how long it will take? God!

I am perfectly content to stay in our 11,000 square foot miracle until God says move, Native Sun said we could stay as long as we needed and we were happy to stay there until God said move. Native Sun will always hold a special place in my heart it is our first home. Just making these claims out loud and in print can make me seem foolish. What I am saying is absolutely crazy I know but two years ago I had Jesus and a dream and it looked foolish too. I told people if this didn’t work out I would leave the ministry because I would know I couldn’t hear from God. They told me not to paint myself into a corner.

I drew my circle and stood my ground, I had no escape clause. Faith is willing to look foolish. Noah built an ark in the desert, David a shepherd boy took the battlefield against a giant, the Israeilte army marched around a city 7 times, the Magi followed a star, Moses went to Pharoah and said, Let my people go, Mike Conaway said, “I have Jesus and a dream called City on a Hill Church.” In all of this I encourage you don’t miss today’s miracle looking for tomorrow’s rejoice in today and PREJOICE in tomorrow’s. Don’t get weary in well doing. Don’t let the holy become common. Circle your future and face your fears. Give your miracle a name. What is it? A dollar figure? A relationship? Healing? Family member’s salvation? Your salvation? Take a look around God may be closer than you think. Don’t miss today’s miracle waiting on tomorrow’s. Be encouraged!

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