Break the Walls Down

03 Jan

Hebrews 11:30 (ESV) By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they had been encircled for seven days.

As we enter this New Year I am making no resolutions. Rather than make a resolution I am seeking God and asking Him to let me be a part of His revolution. Sunday January 8, 2012 City on a Hill Church begins a series Circles: Praying Circles Around Your Future and Fears. During that time I believe God has led me to call the whole church to a 21 day Daniel Fast. Make no mistake this fast isn’t about a New Year diet this fast is about seeking the face of God for and getting a fresh vision for our lives as individuals and our life as the Body of Christ. Here is what I know, it is not going to be easy. It is going to require faith, determination and much, much prayer. As we face this new year I am full of expectation and anticipation for me as an individual, for my family, and for City on a Hill Church. I believe this year our church is going to double in size at least if not triple. I believe we are going to see lost people brought to salvation, wanderers restored and back in right relationship with God, Christians called into discipleship (not every Christian is a practicing disciple), and missionaries sent into every culture within our city. I will be sharing what I have been praying circles around these past few weeks and what I am committed to praying circles around until I see them come into existence. I am inviting everyone to do the same. To seek God for a vision for their life and future, to face their fears with God as our bodyguard, to pray circles until we see our future clearly and our fears shrink. Here is what I also know, this year is going to be filled with victories like we have never seen. I also know that we will fight brutal spiritual battles in our homes, neighborhoods schools and churches. We can not strike into the heart of darkness and expect no adversity or counter strike. That is why I believe fasting and praying is so critical. City on a Hill Church has been birthed out of prayer and fasting and has remained a growing and vibrant church because of daily prayer and fasting. I have been praying circles around our church since before we even came into existence. I have prayed circles for unity within our body like Jesus prayed John 17 over our church for months and months. The awesome thing as I read the biblical account from the Jericho march is that by faith they circled the city for seven days trusting and hoping against all hope. They knew God was going to do something and so they simply circled and obeyed. What about you? Can’t you sense God wants to do something in you and through you? I encourage you to keep circling you may be on the seventh lap. What if they stopped at lap six? There would be no walls of Jericho recorded in history. What if we stop, quit, give in, or give up? We won’t make history we will be history! Break the walls down by praying and fasting and seeking God for your life and the life of your church. Circle your future and then circle some more. Circle your fears and then circle some more. Even as I type this the enemy of my soul tries to put negative self talk, negative thoughts, and negative visions of the future in my mind. I refuse to listen. I will keep circling my future and the future of City on a Hill Church, I will keep circling my fears in prayer and trusting God. To quote a song, “Every thing that I have, every breath that I take until it’s my last. Every beat of my heart, every step that I take until there’s no more. Lord I live just to give my life to you.” I have been circling this prayer and proclamation for the past 6 years when the enemy tried to steal my life and future from me. Break the walls down this year. Circle and then circle back and then circle forward and then circle again in prayer. I am so ready to get this 21 day fast started. I am so ready to experience God in ways I have never experienced His presence before. I am so full of expectation for the next four weekends at City on a Hill Church. I can only imagine the intensity of the worship, prayer, and preaching of God’s Word as a whole church fasts and prays together. I can only imagine the visions and dreams that God is going to give to those who seek Him. I can only imagine what God is going to do in my life. I can only imagine what God is going to do through City on a Hill Church. Here is what I know, before He can do it through us, He must do it in us. Break the walls down! Be encouraged!
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