Remember, Rehearse, Rejoice

27 Dec

Last Friday I climbed my mountain, the fort at Fort DeSoto, to be alone with God. This has been my place of meeting with Jesus for the past two years. On Friday there was something different happening in my heart and spirit. As I climbed the steps to the climb I was getting flashbacks on January 2010. Each step seemed to create even more vivid memories of prayers prayed. The feeling was quite overwhelming because with these memories came intense emotions that were attached. The feelings of desperation, uncertainty, faith and expectation were flooding my memory and taking me back. I began to rehearse some of the prayers I had prayed. I began to rehearse the feelings of uncertainty as I looked over my shoulder at the past two years. I began to rejoice openly and unashamedly at the miraculous journey I have been on. I feel like I have been on a 24 month roller coaster ride with God as the attendant giving me the ride of my life. I recalled the circles I had walked at the top of that fort crying out to God for my healing, calling and vision. I remembered writing down my dream and then watching the dream written on paper come to life in ways I could never ask, think, dream or imagine. I rehearsed the miracles Native Sun warehouse, Willis Johns Recreation Center, 85 member Launch Team, a huge sound system donated, a travel trailer donated, a second sound system donated, 45 showing up to our first Launch Team meeting, growing to 85 on the Launch Team before we opened, God holding back the rain at our first baptism, 80 baptized in the first 16 months, and the list goes on and on of God’s hand of favor and His amazing grace. I just stopped asking and started rejoicing and my rejoicing turned into PREJOICING! No, I didn’t spell it wrong I began PREJOICING over what God is going to do. This is just the beginning for us. The past two weeks God has been preparing my heart and challenging me to dream bigger than I ever have before. My dream has been expanded far beyond the borders of my imagination. God has stoked the fires of my imagination and placed in my heart an impossible and improbable dream. This excites me to no end. This fires me up like never before. Why? Because this dream is so big in can never happen without God. This dream is so audacious that it can’t happen without audacious faith in a supernatural God. As I looked over my shoulder at the past two years I realized I had been here before. It was deja vu all over again:) Two years ago all I had was Jesus and a dream. The odds were stacked against me. The statistics were not in my favor but God was and is! I climbed that mountain last Friday and I began to remember my story which is now a part of HIS-tory, I rehearsed the past 19 months and the salvations, miracles, signs, and wonders, I rejoiced in my God and my Savior and the work of His hands. What about you today? I encourage you to look over your shoulder. Review your prayer lists. What has God done? What is God doing in your life? Circle the wagons around your dreams. Circle the wagons around your hurts. Remember God’s grace, Rehearse His good deeds in your life, rejoice that He isn’t done with you. Be encouraged!

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