Ready, Set, Go!

07 Nov

Imagine the impact we could have in a city if the whole church decided to GO on missions trip. We don’t have to imagine it because this Sunday November 13 City on a Hill Church is doing just that through our “For The City” outreach. If you would have told me 18 months ago when we planted the church that our whole church would be ready, willing, and able to GO into the city as a collective body I would have thought you were dreaming. The dream is a reality and on Sunday 200 or 300 people will gather together to pray for each other and our city, worship Jesus, hear instruction from His Word, and then put what we just heard into practice. Before we get out into the city we will do and Acts 2 thing and love on each other taking care of the needs within the body through the Stuff Swap where people bring stuff they have to give away and bless others and take stuff they need for their families. Everyone is encouraged to bring bread, blankets, and socks. The bread will be for the families surrounding the Dream Center in the 13th Street Heights neighborhood of our city. We will gather at the Enoch Davis Rec. Center for parking and to meet the Dream Center team leaders. From there we will spread out and GO door to door passing out bread, invitations to the Dream Center, invites to Pastor Sam’s church, and most importantly the love of Jesus. We will pray for families or take prayer requests. After we are finished there we will gather at a couple of locations to be announced Sunday where our homeless brothers and sisters gather to pass out blankets, socks, and most importantly the love of Jesus. But wait there is more! That evening we will come back together at 5 pm for a Family Service with Praise and Worship, Communion, multi-media presentations, testimony, and a short devotional. I am so excited about this incredible day because we are partnering with sustainable ministries that we have been in relationship since we opened our doors. I am bursting with expectation at what does wants to do in and through City on a Hill Church. It is a huge gamble to ask a whole church to GO! I am trusting in God’s grace and the moving of the Holy Spirit to call, draw, and empower us for this mission into our city. I am believing this will be a catalyst for many within our congregation to break out of our comfort zones and to take on their Goliath. This is a God sized task and I absolutely love it. Planting City on a Hill Church was a God sized task and God has shown Himself faithful and strong. All glory goes to His name. City on a Hill Church is here because of the unmistakable, undeniable hand of God. I know this truth all to well, “The greater to giant the greater the glory God receives.” Sunday November 13 we have a giant task and a call to GO. Our God is greater, our God is stronger, our God is higher than any other. Our God is healer, awesome in power Our God, our God! If our God be for us than who can be against us? November 13 we take the battlefield to the glory of Jesus. November 13 we GO! Be encouraged!

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