Noteworthy and Quoteworthy

12 Sep

This past weekend was another amazing day in the HIS-tory of this church plant miracle we call City on a Hill Church. It was our second annual picnic. The past seventeen months have flown by as we remain captivated and awestruck by God’s grace to us. The service was jam packed with a 9-11 remembrance, the commissioning of our first foreign missions team leaving for Belize on Saturday 9-17-11. I know, I know I thought the same thing! It is totally a God thing who could have scripted that a church plant would be sending missionaries less that 18 months into the journey? Okay back to the packed out service. We had an amazing time of prayer where we saw numerous breakthroughs and a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. There was special music and dynamic praise and worship and we had numerous scheduled baptisms. The centerpiece of the morning was the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is every week and COAH. It is all about Jesus it has always been about Jesus and it will always be about Jesus. Our sanctuary floor was being re-surfaced so we had to have our service outside on the patio. In Florida that means we are subject to the weather. Not so with us last year God held back the rain and gave us a beautiful blue sky and this year was no different. We are not subject to the weather we are subject to the one who tells the clouds when to rain at His command. All week I had talked with the Lord and I said, “Lord you made the sun stand still for Joshua and you held the rains back for us last year. I’m asking for your grace yet again.” We had the most beautiful weather and even a cool gentle breeze to the glory of God. Please never take God for granted and never forget to give praise where it is do and He is worthy. I felt strongly in my spirit all week that we were going to have an Acts 2 type experience and that people would repent, believe, and be baptized even fully clothed who had no intention of being baptized. We had 375 in attendance that day that God had gathered from the four corners of our city. Following the preaching of the Word of God we had many respond as I felt and we baptized 25 people that very day, many were fully clothed and felt compelled to follow the Lord in baptism. It was incredible!!

The reason I titled this blog Noteworthy and quoteworthy was because of a story that was shared with me later in the day as we celebrated God’s amazing love and blessing. A lady named Leisa, who uses her God given gifts and takes all of the photos for the COAH as her ministry, shared a noteworthy and quoteworthy story. She saw a number of children with a group of balloons they were about to set to flight. Of course she wanted to get a picture. She asked one of the children where they wanted them to land. One of the older girls stepped forward and said very matter of fact, “We put a message in a bottle telling them to come to City on a Hill Church where Jesus Christ saves lives.” Leisa asked, “What did you say?” The little girl replied, “City on a Hill Church is where Jesus Christ saves lives didn’t you know that?” Needless to say Leisa walked away with a full heart and tears in her eyes praising and thanking God. My friends that is noteworthy and quoteworthy. When Leisa shared that story with me my heart jumped for joy. Even the children at COAH know it is all about Jesus it has always been about and it will always be about Jesus. It made that day even more real to me. As I was preaching the Gospel that morning I felt strongly compelled that I may never get to see those precious people God had gathered there together again and I preached like I wouldn’t. I preached like our very souls depended on it because they did and do. I preached salvation through Jesus Christ with passion, seasoned with grace and full of God’s love. We saw salvation come to many as they responded to the preaching of God’s Word. Every week since we opened City on a Hill Church has been a place where Jesus Christ saves lives. I pray that never changes. That is a noteworthy and quoteworthy truth.

When I got home I was exhausted as I know 80 to 100 others were as well. However, my heart was full because I know and so do the army of volunteers at COAH who love God, Love People, and Preach Jesus every week that City on a Hill Church is where Jesus Christ saves lives. Be encouraged!

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