Trust and Obey For There’s No Other Way…

27 Jun

I’m sitting here atPanera Bread on a Monday morning totally awestruck by an amazing God. I know I say it often but I can not help nor will I stop, I feel like I am living in a Bible story. One of the troubles that the children of Israel had is that they stopped rehearsing the good deeds of God and a generation grew up that neither knew the LORD nor his good deeds. I will not have that happen in the city God has called me to! I am going to keep telling my story, re-living my story, and sharing my story with everyone who will listen. It is so funny as I was sitting here typing this blog another pastor from here in the city came up and we began talking I ended up sharing how City on a Hill Church got started. Too funny!

I titled this Trust and Obey For There’s No Other Way for a reason. This has been my walk for the past 16 months. Trusting in God and obeying whatever He has asked me too do. His hand of provision, protection, and blessing has rested heavily upon my life and our church. Yesterday was no different. Every so often I get what I call “God winks” as heart checks making sure I remember it is God who is in control. My Trustee Board had made a request of me last year that I take one Sunday off in June and one in July after our first year anniversary. I am thankful for a group of people who care enough about me to be sure that I am not going to burn out. After much prayer I connected with Marc Mero and Champion of Choices. We decided to do a citywide outreach as a grace gift to the city bringing Marc in to tell his story of triumph, tragedy, and God’s amazing grace. We also decided to make it a big deal with a FREE Family Fun Day afterwards. The stage was set for a great event. Sunday morning I wake up to the sound of thunder. I open my front door to check the weather and it wasn’t raining I thought, “Awesome!” Just then I turned my eyes to the north and saw the darkest clouds we have seen in a long while. Within thirty minutes there was driving rain, thunder, flashes of lightning, and to be brutally honest I was totally deflated. I went to McDonalds for a lite breakfast and some devotional time. During my devotional time I wrote in my journal, “Father you control the winds and the rain. I trust in You! Holy Spirit call and drawl according to Your purposes. We need a miracle but Your will be done. Our hope is You! I will lead as You lead me O God.” My trust was and is firmly founded in Christ. I had been obedient to pray and seek God concerning June 26, 2011. I followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to invite Marc and his team. We invested time, talent, and treasure to reach the lost, bring home the wanderers, make disciples, and send missionaries. The rest was up to God. I closed my devotional and headed to the church.

Remember I said, “Trust and Obey for there’s no other way?” Well what happened? God! In the middle of summer when most churches experience a heavy slump in attendance we had record breaking attendance of 410 people to the glory of God! Our average attendance is 240 what a miracle. There was a lady there who shared that she tried to kill herself but the gun jammed. She came Sunday and gave her heart to Jesus! Glory to God! Trust and obey! We saw countless people rededicate their lives to Christ. A homeless gentleman named Paul came during the rain and asked for a cup of coffee. He decided to stay for the service. He stayed for lunch and afterwards I spoke with him. He told me, “Pastor I have been a lot of places especially churches and felt unwelcome and unwanted. I came here today and you and these people have been so kind to me.” He continued with tears in his eyes, “Today for the first time in a long time I felt welcomed.” I had a pull over sweater with me and felt compelled to offer it to him. I said, “Hey Paul would this help you?” He looked at me and broke down crying saying, ‘ “You don’t know how much.” Trust and obey for there’s no other way. We shook hands and I invited him back to Men’s group Wednesday night. All of this and many more miracles took place yesterday. Why? Because we were willing to trust and obey.
Listen just because the circumstances are not ideal doesn’t mean God can’t or won’t work. God works in all circumstances nothing can interrupt His plan, purpose, and will. Our job is to trust and obey. Yesterday was just another “God wink” for me checking in to be sure that my faith, hope, and trust is in God not man or ideal circumstances. The greater the challenge the greater glory God receives. Yesterday’s record breaking attendance is awesome, however, it is even more awesome when you factor in the middle of summer and the severe storms. I’m glad God doesn’t pay attention to church growth expert’s statistics or weather reports! My prayer and hope is that we won’t either, instead we will learn to trust and obey for there’s no other way. Be encouraged!
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