Recognizing a Divine Timeline

10 Apr

It is hard to believe but this weekend we celebrated our 52nd week on this journey. That is right it has been a year since we held the very first Launch Team Meeting at Native Sun Warehouse. 45 people showed up and I knew God had divinely orchestrated something very special. Since that time I have been operating on a divine timeline. I recognized it right from the beginning. I was not going to be operating on man’s timeline but God’s divine timeline. I had thought we wouldn’t open until September 12, 2010 but God had other intentions. His intentions were to do something miraculous we opened May 23, 2010 just 60 days after my resignation and 43 days after our first meeting truly by divine design. That alone is a testimony to the unmistakable, undeniable hand of God on this church and my life. No one could have done this it is just about impossible, but with God all things are possible. I recently had to explain myself to denominational leaders who had not responded to my attempts to invite them on this journey on March 22 until April 15 by that time the divine plan was unfolding at break neck speed. I had no other defense for them but I found myself in a sovereign move of God. Of course that doesn’t always go over well in religious settings but it should! Anyway recognizing God’s divine timeline is far more important than trying to listen to experts or consultants or church growth books or anything for that matter. All of those things are great and have their place but recognizing God’s divine timeline for and in your life is of far greater importance and significance. My church planting experience is far from normal and for that I am forever grateful to my God. I truly believe it is not normal because I recognized God’s divine timeline and didn’t seek man’s wisdom or approval but followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and recognized God’s hand of provision and protection taking ground where ever and when ever He asked. I was sitting on the couch this afternoon with my wife just saying how amazing it is to recognize and follow God’s divine timeline. I was released by God from my former ministry position on March 21, 2010 and I was released from my former denomination March 21, 2011. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We had our first Launch Team meeting April 11, 2010 and we ordained our first minister through City on a Hill Church April 10, 2011. We witnessed our dream become reality and our vision being fulfilled before our very eyes. Coincidence? I think not. We were supposed to open September 12, 2010 instead we opened on the birthday of the original Church [Big C] the Day of Pentecost May 23, 2010 and had our first baptism September 12, 2010 baptizing 22 people. Coincidence? I’m thinking no! What I am trying to say is recognizing God’s divine timeline allows us to live lives of faith. It allows us to live life like a modern day Bible story where Jesus is the hero and there is no other explanation for our success but God. I feel like I have been living in Acts 29! [Just so you know Acts only has 28 chapters:)] When you recognize God’s divine timeline the sky is the limit. By realizing City on a Hill Church was going to be planted on God’s timeline and not man’s will, we stepped right into a sovereign move of God that has not stopped and one year later it continues to blow us away. Last year in September we were celebrating our first baptism this September by God’s grace we will have 26 missionaries on foreign soil in Belize sharing the love of Christ! We are a church plant people! Now that is by divine design and for God’s glory! Last Easter I stood on a pier and watched as a precious group of people entered the waters of baptism. My heart’s desire was to be in those waters with them. My eyes filled with tears of joy for them and sorrow for me. Right or wrong I felt empty and I was grieved. The Lord whispered in my ear next Easter you will baptize 30 or 40 as fruit from your labor at City on a Hill to my glory. I thought God’s divine timeline had caught me by surprise again because in September we saw our first baptism but now looking ahead in just a few weeks to our Easter baptism I recognize God’s divine timeline steadily and miraculously at work in my life and the life of City on a Hill Church. Glory to God! My hope for you is if you already aren’t recognizing God’s divine timeline that your eyes would be opened to see His hand working on your behalf. I don’t know what you are going through. I don’t know the challenges you are facing. I do know what it is like to be uncertain of the future. I do what what it is like to wonder how God is going to work this out. I do know what it is like to bet it all on Jesus and let it ride. This time last year I had no idea what was going to happen. I had no job, no insurance, no building, no equipment, no savings, and no answers. What I did have was Jesus and a dream. I had hope like I’ve never had before. I had faith that God is good and God is great. I had a giant standing before me that I couldn’t not beat without God’s help. I had an adventure to go on with God as the adventure guide. I found my invitation into a modern day Bible story that would be told on the pages of my life and through a church plant called City on a Hill Church. I can confidently say to you today this has been the single greatest year of my life! I have been living on the edge of a lightning bolt. I’ve got a tiger by the tail. I wouldn’t have it any other way. All of this has been made possible because I recognized God’s divine timeline isn’t subject to man’s wisdom, criticism, or will. The life I now live in I live by faith in Christ and the grace of God. I don’t know what the next year holds but you can bet your hard earned dollar that by God’s grace I will be keeping my nose to the grindstone and my eyes on God’s divine timeline. I stood this morning in our sanctuary with 220+ in attendance in awestruck wonder of our God as we ordained our first minister. My mind raced back to a house in January 2010 when 8 people gathered together to pray. Then my mind raced back to April 2010 and a borrowed warehouse where 45 people gathered to pray and dream together. All I could do was say thank you Jesus.

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