Sacred Moments

31 Jan

Today’s blog is a little different it is focused on pastors, church planters, and leaders within the church. However, I believe that every single person who calls themselves a Christ follower has opportunity to share in scared moments. I just also believe that as a pastor I must make myself available to those whom God has entrusted to me. One of my greatest joys in church planting has been the opportunity afforded to me to live out my calling. I been been incredibly blessed to share Sacred Moments with God’s precious people not because I have to but because I want to. I do not wish to be a pastor by title my only desire is to shepherd the people God has entrusted to me. My desire is not to live my life as a career pastor my desire is to live out my calling as a pastor. I have been given the privilege of sharing in some of the most Sacred Moments in the lives of many throughout this city whether they be in my church or other churches. I highly value baptism and I have been privileged to share in corporate baptisms and home baptisms. I can not wait until Easter Sunday when we will share in Easter Sunrise Baptism Service for City on a Hill Church! It is going to be awesome. What a powerful Sacred Moment as people profess their allegiance to Christ and follow the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism. Baptism should never be seen as “common” or “getting dunked” it is one of the ordinances of the church that Christ left for us and it is sacred. I have been privileged to share in the joy of Parent Commitment/ Child Dedications impromptu and organized yet sacred and significant. As a pastor part of my job is to equip people for acts of service in God’s kingdom the other part is to live out my divine calling by sharing in these sacred moments being accessible and reachable to the people God has called me to. Visiting the hospital and spending the last few moments with a faithful servant of the Lord and their family members as He calls them home is an honor. Spending a few moments visiting someone in the nursing home and sharing memories of a life lived to the glory of God is truly humbling and an awesome experience. I am so glad that I can lead by example and raise up a generation of pastors and leaders who will take up this gift given to us by God and be among the people whom God has called them to serve, equip, prepare, and love. I never want to be so busy doing church or leading the church that I forget the church is the people. Ministry is all about people. I know full well that I can not do all the pastoral care but I believe there is a reason they call it pastoral care. I am not in any way discounting lay ministry I place a high value on developing, equipping, and preparing people to be the church by loving God and loving people. Lay ministry in my eyes is every member of God’s family is a minister and missionary. We should visit the hospital, participate in baptisms, and baby dedications, and all the other sacred moments afforded to us by God. But it does not mean that I as a pastor should disconnect. My hope is to communicate that to a new generation. We must be among our people loving them, serving them, sharing joy with them, crying with them, celebrating them, and the like. I remember how blessed I was when Papi Dave and Sonia Melendez came and blessed our new home. That meant the world to Lorena and I! We shared a sacred moment with them that marked our lives forever. I have been privileged to do home blessings because what was given to me I want to give away. I know some young pastors will read this blog and become afraid that the demand will be too high or they will argue that we shouldn’t teach the people to look to their pastor in times of need. I say that is silliness. Do not allow excuses to keep you far from your people and responsibility. Always be training and equipping so as the church grows their will be more pastors ready to serve and equip God’s people while living out their divine call. Live out Ephesians 4 but in the process of living out the equipping do not forget that you have also been called to pastor. As a pastor I always tell people put their hope and trust in Jesus and not man because I will disappoint you at some point but Jesus never will. Just because there is a possibility that I might disappoint is no reason to miss out on all of the sacred moments God prepares for us in advance. My heart is not to lead an organization my heart’s desire is to lead people to Jesus. It is to Love God, Love People, and Preach Jesus. This is not my career it is my calling. If I am not among my people am I really their pastor? If I do not share sacred moments with the precious people whom God has called out of darkness into His marvelous light how can I profess to Love God and Love People? In the past 10 months I have shared in some of the most joyous sacred moments known to man and I have shared in some of the most tragic and heart breaking sorrows known to man. All are sacred in God’s eyes and in my eyes. I pray I never become so busy growing or building a church that I forget to pastor the people. God help me to remember these words in the days, months, and years to come so that I do not move from a calling into a career. I can tell you this I wouldn’t trade any one of those sacred moments for another meeting, or more message prep time, or more busy work. My hope is that other church planters, pastors, and leaders will read this blog and engage or re-engage with the people God has called them to love and serve. There is a warning for those shepherds who choose to ignore their responsibility in Ezekiel 34. [Please Read the Full Chapter it is life changing] Part of the three part calling of City on a Hill Church comes from this chapter concerning the wanderers who have been broken, abused, fleeced, and scattered. Our hope is to bring that back into safe pasture. My desire is to raise up pastors/shepherds to pastor and shepherd God’s people. My desire is that every member share in sacred moments inside and outside of the church. My desire is to be equally involved in the journey and to do my part. Ephesians 4 is not a loophole or an escape clause to dis-engage from our congregations as pastors it is mandate from God to fulfill our calling. It is not the total and complete list of our responsibilities as pastors and leaders in the Church. It is a command from God to prepare God’s people for acts of service so that the body of Christ be built up and lack nothing. Choosing to abstain from sharing in scared moments leaves us lacking and our people lacking. Sorry for taking so long to explain it is just in the past few months I have planted a church by God’s grace and my life has been filled with sacred moments. In that time I have still remained three full weeks ahead in message prep [not outside source reworked messages but prepared from my heart], reserved uninterrupted time for my wife and family, kept my Sabbath day holy, and shared in countless sacred moments. Do you know how that has been accomplished? By faith in Christ and by God’s amazing grace. Glory to God! What sacred moments are awaiting you today?

1 The word of the LORD came to me: 2 “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Woe to you shepherds of Israel who only take care of yourselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? Ezekiel 34:1-2
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